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The Kerfuffles is an illustrated series of fictional children’s novels by Australian Author and Illustrator Maria Crocker.

The series is a humorous collection of novels following a day in the life of the Kerfuffle family living in Australia. The series commences with the family moving into a decrepit old house in the suburbs. Not only do twins, Drake and Cindy Kerfuffle, have to deal with the unbearable Summer heat and pesky mosquitoes, but also their annoying parents and elderly relatives. Funnily enough, Aunty May and Uncle Harold surprise the family with an unexpected visit over the Summer Holidays and, strangely, refuse to leave.

Recommended for children who enjoy having a good laugh. The Kerfuffles is a funny, light hearted series guaranteed to bring a smile to children’s faces.

Written in the third person, the reader is able to experience many hilarious situations from different characters’ viewpoints, making the series even more entertaining for the reader. It is aimed at children from approximately 8 to 11 years old.

The Kerfuffles series includes 5 novels:
Book One: Back To School, Book Two: Mysterious Neighbours, Book Three: Double Take, Book Four: Chickpea Soup and now recently released Book Five: Trick or Treat


Meet the Kerfuffle family and the other characters from the Series.

Cindy Kerfuffle
Cindy Kerfuffle

“The plate’s in my mouth,” Cindy tried to explain to her Aunt that it wasn’t a dinner plate at all.

Bill Kerffufle (Dad)
Bill Kerfuffle (Dad)

He grinned his little grin, barely showing any of his teeth.

Aunty May
Aunty May

Suddenly, Aunty May’s eyes opened so wide that her little eyeballs slightly protruded from her head.

Uncle Harold
Uncle Harold

Uncle Harold’s hearing wasn’t the best, partly because of the amount of hair growing out of his ears...

Debbie Nebbie
Debbie Nebbie

As she chewed her tasteless gum, a sour expression appeared across her face.

Dr Petunia
Dr Petunia

“Let’s look inside your ears, shall we?” Dr Petunia smiled at Drake.

Mr Bottoms
Mr Bottoms

Mr Bottoms barely took a breath as he spoke. As usual, his shoulders constantly jiggled about like a see-saw.

Lizzy Border
Lizzy Border

Elizabeth stood staring ...
her nostrils flaring.


Wayne stood stunned. He hadn’t actually seen any of Dad’s teeth until now.


“Who are these people?” the Police Officer whispered to her partner.


“What are you meant to be?”
Drake shouted.
“Goldilocks,” Timmy grinned.

Nanna Chickpea
Nanna Chickpea

“I don’t need to write it down, Ned. It’s all in here. In my brain…” Nanna Chickpea tapped her forehead.

Uncle Ned
Great Uncle Ned

...Great Uncle Ned just couldn’t take his mind off the Football game he was missing.

Mrs Rule
Mrs Rule (Principal)

The children knew she meant business by the length of her pout.

Mr Grenville Border
Mr Grenville Border (Teacher)

Grenville’s cheeks puffed up like balloons, his eyes suddenly teary.

Sylvia Kerfuffle (Mum)
Sylvia Kerfuffle (Mum)

“Constipated?” Mum now stood at the door. “Who’s constipated?”

Drake Kerfuffle
Drake Kerfuffle

Weirdly, it squeezed his body so tightly that even his armpits felt tingly.

Book 1 - Back to School
Back to School

Summer in Australia… always a scorcher!
Parents and relatives… always annoying!
First day of school… always a nightmare!

Twins, Drake and Cindy Kerfuffle, are in for a shock. Having recently moved into a hideous old house in the middle of Summer, with an unexpected visit from relatives who refuse to leave, the twins are now having to face their first day back at school.

Just when they think nothing else can go wrong, the unimaginable happens.

Definitely a day the ENTIRE family will never forget…

Book 2 - Mysterious Neighbours
Mysterious Neighbours

It’s finally the weekend!

Twins, Drake and Cindy Kerfuffle, are obsessed with finding out who recently moved into the creepy house next door.

The secretive neighbours rarely venture outside. Their curtains remain drawn during the day and, at night, their entire house is suspiciously dark. Except for the eerie twinkling of candles from one of their rooms.

But little do the twins know that Mum has been hiding a secret of her very own.

A handwritten note, from the mysterious neighbours themselves.

A Dinner Invitation for TONIGHT!

But, as the day unfolds, it becomes obvious that Mum isn’t the only one hiding something.

Expect the unexpected as an unforgettable night, full of hilarious surprises, awaits them all!

Book 3 - Double Take
Double Take

Just another average day in the Kerfuffle household? 


Six whole weeks have now passed since the Kerfuffles had an eventful night with their new neighbours.

This morning, however, not even THEY are prepared for what lies in store for them.

Surprisingly, an unexpected guest appears at their home.

But this person is definitely a visitor with a difference. Unbelievably, they look identical to one of the Kerfuffle’s very own family members.

An exact DOUBLE!

But will having a double in the house actually spell double the trouble for the entire family?

Or could it actually be a blessing in disguise? 

Book 4 - Chickpea Soup
Chickpea Soup

Uncle Harold and Aunty May are finally moving out!

The day couldn’t have come sooner for the Kerfuffle family.

However, while sorting through old dusty books in their relative’s new home, Drake and Cindy unexpectedly stumble across something they could only dream of.

An old Treasure Map.

Do they tell their relatives or do they keep it a secret?

Their search for Treasure is soon on.

Avoiding swooping magpies and slithery reptiles in thick bushland, the twins soon discover that hunting for Treasure is really not what they thought it would be…

Book 5 - Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat

It’s Halloween!

An old haunted house, surrounded by large limestone walls, sits alone on the other side of Ibis Lake.


Drake and Cindy Kerfuffle have been warned against venturing anywhere near the rundown property.

But tonight, against their better judgement, they are tempted to visit it.

Who actually lives there?

Will all the rumours be true?

Halloween is the perfect night of the year to find out!

Uncle Harold
Mum and Dad Kerfuffle
Home Made Body Lotion
Mr Bottoms
Drake and Cindy
Outdoor Dunny
Bill using Whipper Snipper
Mr Border

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